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How to Pick your BRAID

An extremely important factor in choosing a braid is the diameter of the braid.  This will lead to smooth pitching jigging and casting.  How many times have you heard other anglers mention how stiff a braid is or that it seems to drag through the eyelets?  We wanted to eliminate this frustration, so we focused on diameter.  We won't compromise on this.  We want the smallest diameter possible.

ALL Sniping Braids have very small diameters to accommodate this.  All Sniping Braids are quality tested and use what is called a STRAIGHT IN-LINE QUALITY TEST to determine strength.  We have out lined below a general recommendation on what each braid is best suited for but alternately the angler has its there preferences so you should be the judge. 

Here are the Sniping Braid Options 

10LB Optimal -                   .10mm 4 strand      Best for Casting and light jigging - This will be the smoothest                                                                                        casting braid you will ever experience. Because of its specs it will                                                                                  break if not managed appropriately.  Incredible for crappie and                                                                                    small pan fish.    Advantage: Casting


10LB Comet -                    .10mm 8 strand       Best for Casting and Med  jigging - This will be the                                                                                                          smoothest casting braid with additional knot strength for                                                                                               medium vertical hook sets.   Incredible for crappie especially                                                                                         if you plan on casting during your outing.  Advantage: Casting                                                                                     with additional knot strength

10LB Optimized -               .12mm 8 strand      Best for Casting and Med/Heavy jigging - This is a great all around                                                                              braid and is our most popular.  This braid can accommodate 99%                                                                                of all Lakes and  has an incredible feel. Advantage: Casting                                                                                           with additional incredible knot strength

12LB Meteor -                    .15mm 8 strand.     Best for Heavy jigging - This is a great all around                                                                                                              braid and is our most popular jigging braid.  Even at 12 Pound this                                                                              braid is incredible small diameter and can be used for casting.  

                                                                             This is a Grenada Lake Braid meant for 3 Pounders.

15LB Lightening -              .20mm 8 strand.     Best for Extreme Hook sets while vertical jigging.  Also known as                                                                                 our bass braid, this braid still is casted to land large bass.


20LB Powerhouse -            .25mm 8 strand.    Our beefiest Extreme Hook set braid.  Known as the The Northeast                                                                             Texas braid this braid can fight through deep timber to grab the                                                                                  slab of your life.

40LB SnipingKat -            .32mm 8 strand.      Our catfish line up can be used for multiple species. High Vis Orang

60LB SnipingKat -            .40mm 8 strand.   

80LB SnipingKat -            .48mm 8 strand.  

Little more about testing braids, for those that want to learn.

In the US there are No guidelines on how to test or market braid strength.  In the US most consumers think that all 10 LB test braids should behave the same in regards to strength, and unfortunately those same consumers will select a braid that has the higher strength factor (which usually means a thicker diameter) thinking that is the best choice.  The braid companies that have been around KNOW this.  So they simply put a LB test label on a box that technically should be marketed as a much higher LB test braid.   And you as a consumer buy into this, getting a sluggish braid, but is stronger....stronger than you will ever need for your style of fishing.  Most anglers either except this sluggishness, or don't, and abandoned braid all together.

Most braid companies use what is called a STRAIGHT IN-LINE QUALITY TEST for actually determining a braids strength.  This is as close to the gold standard there is. Like I said before...there is NO standard.   All of Sniping Braids products are quality checked and verified to exceed our marketed LB test on the STRAIGHT IN-LINE QUALITY TEST prior to be offered to the public.  These tests are done in quality labs with proper equipment.

The second quality test companies will use is what is called a knot test.  This test will ALMOST ALWAYS test 40-60% less then a STRAIGHT IN-LINE QUALITY TEST.  A knot test is done by putting a simple knot in the center and pulled by both ends.  Knots on both ends and pulling braid in your garage is NOT a Knot test.   Crappie anglers do not need a knot test to equal the STRAIGHT IN-LINE QUALITY TEST.

The philosophy of Sniping braid is to achieve your desired strength requirements with the minimal diameter. Why fish with a braid that has 100% more strength than you actually need?  This just adds to stiffness and drag and casting that is undesirable. 

Because our braids are as small in diameter as possible, it is possible you might want to consider a higher LB test .  Currently some of the best tournament anglers in the crappie world are using the OPTIMIZED or METEOR catching the biggest fish in the country.  We always suggest starting with one of these and move up or down as you see fit.

As crappie anglers ourselves.  We believe that "Optimal" is incredible for casting, but for those that have a heavy hook set or fishing Timber try "Optimized"or "Meteor".  Our field testing has shown that "Optimized" is plenty strong for any crappie angler.  However we have a lot of Pro anglers in the South that love "Powerhouse"

Tight lines Everyone and Enjoy

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