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Set the Hook LLC is bringing innovative ideas to life for the fishing industry.  Our first product introduction is s full line of Sniping Braid.   The fishing industry has been revolutionized by Live Sonar.  We feel we have a great line of braids to compliment this technology.

Set the Hook LLC is excited to announce NEW lines of Sniping Braid that will include species specific braids  This will continue to fill out our Sniping braid offering.  

Set the Hook LLC  and Sniping Braid is looking for ACTIVE pro staff representatives.  That will help spread the word of this leading braids for the fishing industry.  If you feel you have what it takes, and you can show us that you are active on social media, we have an interest in you. ​  Please see our Pro Staff page for more information


Matt Mavigliano

Professional Crappie angler and YouTuber 

" The perfect High Vis Color, line weight, and smooth.  Doesn't get any better"

" The perfect High Vis Color, line weight, and I can see it on my live sonar.  Doesn't get any better"

Taylor Olsen


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