John Godwin

John has been a Sniping braid user from the start.  He uses Optimal and it recently passed his biggest test on a clear water lake.   He is currently spooled up with Optimized but looks forward to getting out with Powerhouse as well.  Welcome aboard John Godwin!

Fish with the Best Braids with Live Sonar in mind.  Braids strong enough to flip the biggest of fish into your boat. SNIPING BRAIDS come in a variety of test weights with the smallest diameters available. What does this mean to you? SMOOTH, SENSITIVE, and STRONG.  


Sniping Braids come in the perfect HIGH VIS green we are all familiar with.  Easy to pick up when you are targeting fish before the drop. Because of our small diameters, you can utilize all the techniques needed for Live Sonar, and we mean to the FULLEST extent possible.  Reduced weight, reduced drag, quick and smooth casting, are just a few of the first things you will notice.  


SNIPING BRAID.... bringing braid to the next level.